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Frequently Asked Questions

Brandi Jo Middleton is here to help you be the best version of you

on and off the stage.

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How much are lessons?

Prices are listed according to the service requested under the "services" tab or "book now" location on this website.

Do you travel?

Brandi Jo Middleton is open to travel for reasonable requests as well as on-location coaching at an event or pageant. Please email or use the "Contact Us" option at the bottom of this page.

I'm New To Pageants. Is There One For Me?

There are as many ways to dance as there are people who dance. There is a pageant for everyone. Finding the right pageant is an art and can be intimidating if one does not know what they are interested in or looking for. Lucky for you, Miss Brandi Jo Middleton has competed and worked with more than 2,000 pageants and will be able to help you find THE pageant that makes you ecstatic to be

"Crowned with Confidence."

How long are sessions?

The first session is 60 minutes. Most lessons range between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Length of session is dependent up on the service and is listed in the services tab.

How many girls do you work with in one pageant?

As sessions are individualized to each client's needs, there is no limit to how many contestants can be worked with for one pageant. Each session is 100% designed towards the individual contestant's strengths and needs. In order to Be "crowned with confidence," one needs to BE themselves and therefore their needs are different from any other contestant.

What do you cover in your sessions?

Every session is based upon individual client needs. Specific areas may include pageant paperwork, interview techniques, platform and resume development, branding through social media outlets and appearances, runway/stage presentation, walking routines, poses, style advice, and on-stage introduction. Brandi Jo Middleton is your go-to for guidance in all pageant areas.

Can I stay anonymous as a student?

While pageant queens are often well versed in social media outlets and focused on sharing their growth and platforms with the world, the right to remain anonymous is also observed. If the opportunity presents itself, being thanked in a "crowning post" is appreciated as your "win" affects this coach's legacy.

How many lessons do I need before pageant weekend?

Every student is different and has had different backgrounds and have varied skills. Some pageants have more facets than others and require more preparation in order for a contestant to truly be able to be themselves and feel prepared. Students are encouraged to work with Brandi Jo to determine the best plan of action for a student to achieve his/her personal pageant goals, including being "Crowned With Confidence," and "Leaving a Lasting Legacy."

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